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Volker Frank & The Bubble Gums - Stand By

Volker Frank & The Bubble Gums
In the spring of 1979, four young musicians with different backgrounds came together. They called themselves "Aprill" and produced homemade music like back in the good old days. We we talk about good old days we mean mostly the 60's with small trips to the next decade.
Times change, good music stays and our meaning of the good old days haven't changed, we still have different music directions. Fans of Neil Diamond, the Tremeleos, the Stones and Creedence are relied on to keep up the struggles from different music directions and make things more interesting. Since 2004 the musicians are now know by the name of "Volker Frank & The Bubble Gums". Volker Frank's own downloaded songs are also included in the program.


Stand By

We are "standby", a rock and pop cover-band based in Hamburg, Germany.
We are seven passionate musicians specialised in songs from the 80's up to current charts.
We are unique amongst the flood of cover bands you will come across.
Why? Because we do not only "cover" songs in a way you've already heard a thousand
times before! We "live" our songs on stage, making each one special by not just
copying it. Standby is proud to provide its own sound engineer as well! We will turn your special Event into a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you and your
guests will never Forget!

10.06.2018 | 05:00 - 12:00 Uhr

Hamburg's event location next to the Fish Market

Whoever in Hamburg is looking for a special event location, the Altonaer Fischauktionshalle is just the right place.

As a symbol of Hamburg located next to the Fish Market, the Fischauktionshalle has drawn crowds for years. Thousands of night owls are regularly drawn to the Fish Market in the early morning hours, to watch the night fade and to enjoy the best brunch in Hamburg with a view of the Elbe River. Live music and various events complete the experience, bringing excited visitors to the historical hall. Once built as a center of trade, today the historical building serves above all as popular venue, or rather, as a unique event location for private and public events-always at the center of the Fish Market's bustle. Numerous events such as the Hamburger Oktoberfest, Matjes-Schlemmerfestival and Grünkohl-Schlemmerfestival, as well as Malle Für Alle and our Silvesterparty (New Year's Eve party), are well known beyond Hamburg's boarders.

Your event with a view of the Elbe River

Rent the Altonaer Fischauktionshalle for your event and experience the perfect event location. The hall can be partitioned off and has 3 additional galleries. Our wharf directly next to the hall is something very special. Enjoy the special flair on the Elbe River with a view of the Hamburger Hafen (harbor), the Elbphilharmonie, the Landungsbrücken and the lively Hamburger Fish Market. The rough charm of the historical building gives your event a unique note. We will take care of everything for your event: as an event location, we offer professional catering and the right equipment, as well as furnishings and individual room set-up, so that you can fashion the Fischauktionshalle according to your wishes. Your event will be an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.